Safety first!

Our cat bag helps both cats and owners stay safe while trimming their claws or bathing.

No more scratching

Our cat grooming bag is an essential survival tool for cat owners!


Great for Bathing / Clipping Claws / Taking Medicines / Cleaning Teeth and Ears / Taking Eye Drops / Checkups / Vaccinations and other occasions. Take care of your cats and puppies easily.

Animal friendly

Made of high quality and soft mesh fabric, which is comfortable, breathable and durable.

Animal friendly design and material

Keep your cats and puppies comfortable while you take care of them

Easy to use



2 front zippers to clean the front paws and trim the claws

Designed for professionals and owners - this bag is used by groomers, vets, shelters...

4.8 out of 5

Cat grooming bag

Never worry about scratching and biting while taking care of your cat again!



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